Almost Perfect Cobalt Sea Geo Teacup with cracked rim


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This one of a kind pinch pot created tea cup has been made from cool white salt and pepper speckled clay, and hand glazed with colours inspired by South Australian Seas.

It holds approx 180ml, and is perfectly suited for hot or cold beverages or treats, thanks to it chunky handle. During the carving process, the rim cracked slightly. I thought I salvaged it, but it became apparent on the first firing. Once clay has had it’s first firing, it is no longer recyclable. I decided to use it as a “glaze tester” anyway, as each glaze behaves slightly differently on different clay surfaces and inclines. During the glazing process, the glaze flowed into the crack, resealing the crack. Being still fully functional, I couldn’t bare to have this sweetie go to waste, so it has joined ranks as a “Seconds” piece, and is available for a dramatically reduced price of just $20.

It was made from a  ball of clay that was pinched into shape, dried, fired to 900C, sanded, painted with three coats of each colour, fired a second time to 1200C, sanded a final time and then photographed, measured, weighed, washed and stored for sale. All together it will have spent 3 hours in my hands receiving loving healing reiki before it makes its way to its new home. <3

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Weight .32 kg
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 6 cm
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