Black Red and Blue chocolate coil pourover and pinchy sipper. i


coiled pourover in chocolate clay and friendo pinch pot sipper cup, glazed with black, red and blue glaze.

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This coiled pourover in chocolate clay and accompanying pinch pot sipper cup are perfect for your morning cup of filtered Joe, or sneaky ‘halfternoon’ coffee (where you really want a coffee but know a full one is just going to be too much)

Fits a paper v60 filter OK.. Some bunching. Works beautifully with the hemp v60 fabric reusable filter from “Grassworks” on etsy.

These one of a kind one off pieces are priced as seconds as they have some weight,/balance issues.. But with love and knowledge will suit the right person perfectly. I’ve found making pourover coffee to be an excellent practice in mindfulness, and I believe this set to be a perfect example of using these principles in life. I don’t believe in throwing functional but not quite perfect pieces out; the environment pays too high a price for supposed imperfections which I prefer to refer to as idiosyncrasies.

By purchasing this prototype set at a reduced price, you are supporting a creator with limited abilities to subsidise the cost of materials and continue refining their work, whilst getting yourself a handmade piece imbued with hours of love.