Cosmic Zodiac Mug with detailed handle and scar 3c7


deliciously nuzzly mug perfect for warming the hands and the heart. approx volume 250 ml

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This one off mug has been lovingly hand made in the Adelaide hills. It was first wheel thrown on an electric potters wheel; allowed to dry for a few hours, trimmed and had its handle attached, then allowed to rest for 4 days in a humidity controlled environment whilst being checked regularly each day to ensure the handle remains attached and does not pull itself away from the body as both pieces dried and shrank. After the handle was secure enough to maneuver the mug without warping, it was examined for its unique shapes and curves attributed to it via its process of creation on the wheel.

Once a design was envisioned, it was drawn in blunt pencil then hand sgrafitto detail is drawn/etched in and then inlaid with underglaze before sanding and allowing to dry fully. Several days to a week later when bone dry (or when then next kiln full of work was ready) it was fired for 15 hours and cooled over a further 12hours. It was washed in clean water with a lint free sponge and then hand painted with a minimum of 4 coats of glaze, then fired for an additional 15 hours and cooled for another 20 hours before being sanded down and prepared for sale including a photo shoot for the artists catalogue. All in, this lady took 4 hours hands on time over 4-6 weeks in creation, with over 48 hours in a kiln to manifest into this powerful curvy, and still light and dainty mug perfect for that divine cup of self reflective tea. <3

Side note about the scar : I like to push the boundaries with handles sometimes, and this time I miscalculated the thickness of the glaze on the bottom of the handle. So, some of the glaze melted tot he kiln shelf, leaving her with a permanent scar memento of her bond with her maker. Maybe it’s her belly button rather than a scar? In any case, if she is perfect for you, this is a perfect analogy to some part of your life that has left a permanent impression on you. To me it says taking risks is worth it. It’s still a beautifully functional mug that fills your hands and heart when you hold her. The tapered in rim, whilst unusual for a mug, functions kind of like a wine glass, and I find it serves to allow all the aromas of my coffee to culminate in my nose and make me audibly groan in caffiene lust. : ) Would also be great for deliciously aromatic herbal teas for the same reason.

Approx fluid volume 250ml (1 cup)

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