Galactic connection mug 2c7


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This one off (NSFW) mug has been lovingly hand made in the Adelaide hills. It was first wheel thrown on a Ward kickwheel, allowed to dry for a few hours, then had its dimple depressed, and allowed to dry a little more overnight. Once at the correct moisture level, it is trimmed and allowed to rest for a few days until secure enough to hold and maneuver. It was examined for its unique shapes and curves attributed to it via its process of creation on the kickwheel. Once a design was envisioned, it was drawn in blunt pencil, then hand sgrafitto detail/etching and then inlaid with underglaze before sanding and allowing to dry fully. Several days to a week later (or when then next kiln full of work was ready) it was fired for 12 hours and cooled for 12hours. It was washed in clean water with a lint free sponge, and then hand painted with 4 coats of glaze and fired for an additional 12 hours and cooled for 12 hours before being  prepared for sale and photographed for the artists cataloge. All in, this lady took 4 hours hands on time and 4-6 weeks in creation, with over 48 hours in a kiln to achieve this powerful dimple snug mug perfect for that divine cup of self reflective tea. <3