In Conversation Bowl 3c7


Wheel thrown and hand designed nudie boobie bowl. Approx volume 350ml

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This one off bowl has been lovingly hand made in the Adelaide hills. It was first wheel thrown on a potters wheel, allowed to dry a little more overnight. Once at the correct moisture level, it was trimmed and allowed to rest for a few days until secure enough to hold and maneuver. It was examined for its unique shapes and curves attributed to it via its process of creation. Once a design was envisioned, it was painted in underglaze, allowed to dry, then drawn on with blunt pencil so as to not mark the still soft clay, then hand sgrafitto detail/etching carved along the appropriate design, before allowing to dry fully. Several days to a week later (or when then next kiln full of work was ready) it was fired for 15 hours and cooled for 12hours. It was washed in clean water with a lint free sponge, sanded lightly and then hand painted with 4 coats of glaze and fired for an additional 15 hours and cooled for 20 hours. The bottoms are then sanded a final time to ensure they are super smooth, volume is assessed and then they are finally prepared for sale and photographed for the artists catalog. All in, this lady took 4 hours hands on time and 4-6 weeks in creation, with over 48 hours in a kiln to achieve this unique bowl.

Approx volume 350ml