Messier 8 Dimple Shotties, 80-100ml


Dimple Espresso Shotty in Nebula inspired glaze. Approx 85ml fluid volume.

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Messier 8 is a pink coloured nebula, also called The Lagoon Nebula, located in our night sky within the constellation Sagittarius.
Given that my nickname as a kid as Janah Banana Mess Maker; my sun, moon and ascendant signs are Sagittarius, and that my main man graciously puts up with the mess I make in making what I think are quite beautiful clay pieces, I thought it was the perfect thing to name this nebula glaze combo after.

These cuppos were first wheel thrown on a electric potters wheel, allowed to dry for a few hours, had the thumb dimple depressed, allowed to dry/settle a little more overnight, then trimmed on the potters wheel, and then set aside to dry for a week or two. When then next kiln full of work was ready, it was fired for 12 hours and cooled over a further 12hours. It was washed in clean water with a lint free sponge and then thoughtfully hand painted with a minimum of 6 coats of glaze in 5 different colours, then fired for an additional 15 hours and cooled for another 12 hours before being prepared for sale and photographed for the artists catalogue.

Cups vary between 80-120ml volume.

As these are handmade items, slight variations may occur between batches.

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Weight 0.125 kg
Dimensions 6.5 × 6.5 × 6.5 cm
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