Raw mini vase in chocolate black 1


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This rough and raw mini vase is perfect for that little median strip wildflower from your walk in the fresh air, or that single tiny bloom from your garden.

This miniature hand built  “pinch pot” is decorated by the textures of creation, from being thrown at a canvas covered table to ensure no air bubbles would lead to it exploding in the kiln, to then using an index finger and as delicately as possible, but sill leaving a few hand imprints because the luscious clay was just so moist, creating the index finger sized well for a day or so worth of water.  Enough to cater to a single small bloom on a window sill, breakfast in bed tray, bedside table, office table or bathroom vanity 🙂

Unglazed on the outside to allow the clay to mature as dark and shiny as possible, but with clear glaze on the inner surface for water fastness.

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Weight .126 kg
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 5 cm