Set of 3 whiskey tumblers in Carina Nebula Glaze 3c7


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This set of individual whisky tumblers have been lovingly hand made in the Adelaide hills. They were first wheel thrown on a electric potters wheel, allowed to dry for a few hours, trimmed and decorated with 3 dots under the dimple signifying they are each one of 3.

After spending 24 ours in a kiln, being washed and sanded, they are then hand painted with 6 coats of glaze, dried and again fired for a further 15 hours and cooled for 20 hours. They are once again wet sanded to make their unglazed surfaces feel like warn river pebbles, dried, photographed and prepared for sale.

Made as a set, these cannot be sold individually.
Perfect for sipping spirits or mixers, but also work great for espresso or green tea. 😀