She Takes Up Space – Strawberries and Cream on Chocolate mug


Wheel thrown and hand decorated tumbler in delicious dark chocolate clay.

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This gorgeous tumbler was first wedged to remove air bubbles, wheel thrown, allowed to dry for a day, trimmed, painted in underglaze, allowed to dry overnight, then had a unique design drawn on according to her unique curves, carved, then left to dry slowly over 2 weeks.

It then spent 2 lots of 24 hours in a kiln being bisque , then painted with three coats of glaze, and then has a second baking in a hotter kiln for another 24 hours, then has its base sanded to ensure smooth finish. It has then been photographed in several lighting situations, weighed, measured and catalogued for sale.

In all, she will have spentĀ  over 3 hours in my hands, being imbued with loving reiki energy <3

In a world where we are so often taught to be small, this mug is a cosmic reminder to take up space, you are worthy of expansion, love and abundance.