“Storm on a teacup” Chunky Stone Faceted Handled Mug


Handmade faceted stone and storm coloured chunky mugs.

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These mugs are made from warm pale grey stone coloured clay, with almost black navy glaze on the top half of the outside of the mug, tapering down slightly to the bottom of the handle. The sides of the mug have been carved away to create a faceted geometric texture, and the bottom half has been left unglazed for its stony texture and to show off the beautiful colour of the clay. There is a thumb duvet carved into the front of the mug shown from this angle.

There are a multitude of colours in the inside of the cup. Predominantly turquoise blue and green, with darker blues and some purples and pale blues nearer the rim of the mug.
The colours in the glaze around the outside rim of the mug are mostly a very dark navy, almost black, with fine rivulets of pale blue and ruddy yellow, pooling and glinting across the surface.
The base of the mug has three carved geometric feet, with hearts pressed into each. There is a generous thumb divet carved into the front of the mug, perfect for people who like to hug their mug to warm their hands. 🙂

These mugs are approx 10 cm deep, 13cm at their widest point over the handle, and 7.5cm hight. They have an approx volume of 165mls. As these items are hand made, variations will occur from piece to piece.

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Weight 0.37 kg
Dimensions 10.0 × 13.0 × 7.5 cm
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