Teeny Studs (r)


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Set of 3 pairs of ceramic studs on stainless steel backings. Coloured as per photograph.

These little sweeties are made from recycling the cut outs of Christmas decorations.

They measure approx 6-7mm diameter.

This first set (pieces a-s) were held in place in bees wax whilst the glue cured, so they are NOT SUITABLE for those with BEE ALLERGIES or vegans.

I’m still experimenting of ways to make them free of animal products; but the glue, quite rightly so, sticks to just about everything… not bees wax though. I’ll keep researching and developing new ways to make so that everyone can enjoy them.

They are tiny, so keep them away from people at risk of choking hazards.

If you’d prefer them as 3 separate sets to give as individual gifts, I can easily switch them to their own backing cards, just add a note in the comments or send me an email after your purchase to let me know.

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