Wobbly tea bowl in Frosty Blossom 3c7

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Hand made pinch pot tea bowl. Approx volume 125ml
Made in South Australia

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It may be obvious from the gallery that my favourite part of this bowl is how the bottom turned out. I love showing the dual nature of clay at the point when the outside is drier than the still plasticky inside and stretch marks form on the ‘skin’  😀

This gal was created as a pinch pot – by sticking the thumb into the middle of a ball of clay and essentially pinching the walls to a uniform thickness. There’s a surprising amount of physics involved in making tall pinch pots – for me anyway.

Approx 125ml fluid volume.

20 mins to make, a week to dry, 24 hours in a kiln, 45 mins to paint 5 coats of paint, then another 24 hours in a kiln. sanded and washed after each firing. Then photographed, of course, so that I can bear to part with it. #potteryhoarder