Pair of Wonky Dimple Cups in Willunga sunset glaze


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This pair of wonky pink, black and green dimple cups are perfect for green/other tea, neat or on the rocks spirits, or other small quantity sipping drinks.

Made from beautiful speckled white clay, these cuppos are made using a pinch pot technique, allowed to dry overnight, have their rims pinched for final texture of cracking edge the will get filled with glaze and create different colour tones due to thickness of glaze, then decorated with Willunga jetty lines, and left to dry for a full week.

They then spend two lots of 24 ours in a kiln, being hand painted with 6 lots of glaze in between. After final firing, they are then wet sanded on the base to ensure a smooth base surface, and then photographed and catalogued for sale.

By the time they are completed each piece of clay will have spent at least an hour in my hands being filled with love and reiki <3 🙂