“Inner Love” – Trinket dish


This jewellery dish is a handmade pinchpot style dish with hand carved illustration.

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This little dish is perfect for little bobs n bits.. stuff like such as : jewellery, tea bags, precious stones, medications, weighing out coffee beans, little soaps, bath bombs, rich chocolate truffles etc. etc.

Made by pinching out a ball of clay, painting it in three coats of paint a day later, hand drawing the design to fit the unique bumps and edges of the piece, detailing is then carved in (called sgraffitto) it’s then allowed to dry out completely for a week or two, fired for 24 hours, dip glazed and fired a further 24 hours, has its base sanded, photographed and measured for sale then listed online. All told, it will spend over 4 hours in my hands absorbing my deep love and peace energy.

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Weight 0.127 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 3.5 cm
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